Health and hygiene regulations Covid-19

At our 4-star hotel, you can look forward to a holiday with more protection for you and your family, more personal attention, and plenty of warm-hearted hospitality for a carefree break in beautiful Hafling. We are looking forward to spending time together and we will support you more responsibly than ever during your holiday. The measures we have adopted will give you a feeling of safety and familiarity, all of which is in harmony with our customary Avelina feel-good factor. Let us gaze ahead towards a wonderful time together.

We are really looking forward to your arrival and when the time is right, we will protect you by wearing mouth protection. We will welcome you warmly with a gleam in our eyes and our hospitality will stir you despite maintaining a safe distance – we promise!

In accordance with the current health and hygiene regulations, our cleaning team buzzes around the house at regular intervals and uses professional techniques to ensure disinfected surfaces and fresh air to guarantee complete cleanliness. We also provide additional disinfection stations with sensors at various hotspots in our house for you and our team.

We protect our staff with a great sense of responsibility!

Our treasured staff is indispensable, so we take great loving care to ensure their safety and wellbeing through regular health checks as well as training them in Covid-19 safety and hygiene measures. Naturally, our professionally qualified and conscientious staff always wear mouth and nose protection. This also benefits you. After all, a full team means perfect service.

In spite of wearing a mask, you will detect our smiles – our familiar cordiality is easy to see in the expression of our eyes. During your holiday they will pamper you exclusively and with the required distance to the next table, serving you delicious treats while using mouth protection. Your personal service team will respond intimately and cordially to your culinary wishes.

Water world

In Avelina’s infinity pool you can still enjoy carefree bathing fun since an automatic supply of chlorine in the water ensures an antibacterial and antiviral effect.

Relaxation & garden

Plenty of space at the pool and in the spacious garden allow you to relax for your well-deserved holiday. You will find sufficient disinfectant wipes and disinfectant products distributed throughout the wellness, spa, and fitness area with which you can clean your hands, couches, and equipment according to your needs and wishes. In order to guarantee you maximum protection during treatments and massages, staff will wear mouth protection and massages will be carried out with gloves in future. After each treatment, we will ensure meticulous disinfection of all treatment utensils and the entire room.

Our incomparable location not only spoils you with a fantastic view, but also guarantees your unlimited freedom of movement on numerous hiking trails, which you can undertake directly from our house.