Top hotel. Merano/Meran and environs. 4 stars.

Hotel Avelina: Your hosts and their philosophy

At the Hotel Avelina, your hotel in Merano/Meran and environs with 4 stars, we, your hosts the Alber family, have made our personal idea of a home away from home a reality – with great love for our homeland. Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, surrounded by Alpine pastures and forests, we have created a place for recreation, relaxation, and regeneration for body and soul.

Our mission is to offer guests from near and far an unforgettable stay. A stay that is relaxing, lets you slow down, relieves stress, and provides for unforgettable moments in a fantastic natural setting. A stay that focuses on culinary pleasures, sports activities, local customs and traditions, as well as South Tyrolean hospitality. A stay that stands for authenticity.

Visit us at the hotel in Merano/Meran and environs with 4 stars, and look forward to a holiday in the name of relaxation and well-being, nature and down to earthness, as well as fun and entertainment.

The history of your hotel in Merano and environs with 4 stars

The history of the Hotel Avelina, your hotel with 4 stars in Merano and environs, begins with the former Gasthof Brunner, which was destroyed by fire in 1974. Josef and his wife Magdalena Alber rebuilt the house at its current location in 1975 and turned it into an inn with rental rooms. But that’s not all: over the years, modifications and expansions were conducted and older parts of the house were renovated.

In the winter of 2011, we, your current hosts Markus and Andrea Alber, took over the family business and transformed the traditional inn into a charming 3-star accommodation. After the completion of a new sauna area in 2012, our hotel became even more pleasurable.

In the years that followed, we made sure to constantly meet the increasing demands of our guests. We not only added a new build extension and brought the hotel up to a 4-star level, but also changed the name and the logo of our hotel in Merano and environs with 4 stars. The former Hotel Brunner became today’s Hotel Avelina – the familial hospitality remains unchanged!